Intercultural Training Programs

For International Assignees and Their Families

360° Cultural Training programs are live, in-person programs that are facilitated by a DFA-certified intercultural trainer and assisted by a country-specialist with comparable business experience. Trainings are typically limited to two participants – the employee and his/her spouse or partner – and are always customized to their needs, concerns, and experience.

CLASSIC training programs are two days in length, allowing for maximum examination of issues, cultural dimensions, strategies, and the development of immediately implementable cross-cultural best practices. EXPRESS programs are one day in length and provide an overview exploration of key daily-life and business concerns.

Programs can be delivered on-site, either pre-departure or post-arrival. All participants receive access to the DFA CultureCompass and three virtual 1-hour AFTER-training support sessions with a DFA CultureCoach.

Program Objectives

  • Increase awareness of your own cultural assumptions and behaviors, plus the potential
    impact those assumptions and behaviors have when living and working in your host country.
  • Understand how values, behaviors, and attitudes – both your own and those of your host country – are revealed in daily life and work.
  • Gain practical knowledge of important business and social protocol, etiquette and faux pas.
  • Learn to manage the unique cultural adjustment process for you and your family.
  • Develop methods to adapt your communication and work styles for enhanced effectiveness and productivity in various business contexts (teams, meetings, projects, etc.).
  • Devise individual and family action-plans for applying cross-cultural concepts, tools, and strategies to current and future living issues and business interactions.

After Training Support

All 360° Cultural Training programs include unique AFTER-training support in the form of:

  • TrainerTouch enables DFA program graduates to stay in e-contact with their trainer while on assignment, whenever they need extra support, answers to questions, or a sympathetic ear.
  • CultureCoaching provides DFA program graduates with three 1-hour virtual CultureCoaching sessions while on assignment to address specific relocation, adjustment, or business issues.

The DFA CultureCompass is an on-line cultural navigation tool that allows users to compare their own personal cultural work orientations with over 150 countries and evaluate a customized set of best practices and strategies for bridging any cultural differences.

Culture-On-The-Go is a blended solution for businesspeople who require something more flexible than classic in-person training. Includes access to the CultureCompass, rich country information, and 3 virtual support sessions with a DFA-certified CultureCoach.

CultureGuide Apps provide business travelers, leisure travelers, and international students with up-to-date country and cultural information right on their mobile device. Available on both Apple and Android platforms.