The DFA CultureCompass

Recognize. Understand. Strategize.

The DFA CultureCompass is an on-line cultural navigation tool that allows users to compare their own personal cultural work orientations with over 150 countries and instantly receive a customized set of best practices, tips, and strategies for bridging any cultural differences. Going deeper still, the tool provides important country-specific cultural dos and don’t’s, rich country background information, and a fun self-testing section where users can test their ability to apply their new skills for greater global business success. Begin today!


360° Cultural Training programs provide international assignees and their family members with the critical cultural information necessary to succeed both personally and professionally in their new country.

Global Workforce Development programs provide participants with country, region, and issue-specific trainings. Delivered live and in-person or via webinar, these group programs are designed for successful global work.

Culture-On-The-Go is a blended solution for businesspeople who require something more flexible than classic in-person training. Includes access to the CultureCompass, rich country information, and 3 virtual support sessions with a DFA-certified CultureCoach.