Who we are:

DFA Intercultural Global Solutions, LLC is the world’s largest and oldest independent provider of cross-cultural training and consulting. Led by Dean Foster for more than twenty years, the DFA team and worldwide DFA-certified consultant network provides intercultural global solutions for organizations and business travelers needing the competitive cultural competencies to succeed in today’s global environment.

What we do:

Through a variety of unique products and services, DFA provides all levels of the organization, business travelers and expatriate families with the critical cultural information necessary to succeed both personally and professionally when living and/or working abroad. Going far beyond antiquated checklists of cultural do’s and don’ts, DFA solutions are tailored and customized to ensure each participant’s needs, expectations and concerns are fully addressed.

How we can help you:

Cultural differences, when recognized and understood, can become valuable tools that inspire new solutions to old problems in today’s globalized world. Studies show that organizations that em- brace the development of cultural awareness are able to avoid costly misunderstandings – saving time, money, and key business relationships.

Why work with us:

As a founder and leader in the intercultural consulting field, DFA continues to develop cutting-edge intercultural products and services, from classic training programs to technology-based solutions. DFA has the world’s largest network of certified intercultural trainers on-the-ground in over 200 world cities and is the only independent intercultural consultancy led by a globally-recognized intercultural leader.


360° Cultural Training programs provide international assignees and their family members with the critical cultural information necessary to succeed both personally and professionally in their new country.

The DFA CultureCompass is an on-line cultural navigation tool that allows users to compare their own personal cultural work orientations with over 150 countries and evaluate a customized set of best practices and strategies for bridging any cultural differences.

Culture-On-The-Go is a blended solution for businesspeople who require something more flexible than classic in-person training. Includes access to the CultureCompass, rich country information, and 3 virtual support sessions with a DFA-certified CultureCoach.